​​​Gary has dedicated this web portfolio to the memory of Grace Barr and film legend James Stewart for their never-ending support  and  encouragement .  The 15 pages that follow are a small sampling  of diverse images available to collectors.

The late actor and highly accomplished painter Anthony Quinn said of Gary's paintings:  " his pure honest  depth of  feeling  in his work is only

achieved  by a very few in the visual and performing arts.'  In Palm Springs, Liberace said of his paintings: "what an extraordinary talent"

Whether it's a landscape, still-life, structural scene, or wildlife, there will never be any mechanical, commercial-similarity from one work to another. Pure master painting !   As did 17th through 19 century painting masters, Gary only uses the three basic primary colors: red, blue and yellow, plus white, to mix all of his colors.  Much of the mixing is done directly on the canvas.   His first painting award was at age 8  when he received the  first place "Gold Key" award in the New York State Scholastic Art And Writing Awards.

Internationally acclaimed for his ability to capture the delicate essence of the Sonoran Desert.

Considered an American Renoir... Gary possesses a pure Midas-touch that creates impressionistic works unequaled today for their soft eloquence, with visual and soulful depth.  He emulates no other painter: his visual expression is uniquely his own.  Many of his paintings have been acquired by both Hollywood and European royalty.

At solo exhibits, viewers are astonished to see that all paintings belong  to just one artist, and not by many others.

A rare talented Renaissance man who can give collectors exactly what they want .... as well as designing and hand-crafting museum framing to harmoniously complement each creation.

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Exquisite, Museum Quality Paintings And Special Museum Editions By:
   American Master    Gary F. Barr​​

​                          Classical Impressions Studios

Elegantly Designed And Handcrafted Frames By Gary, Are Not Found Elsewhere !  If You Have Existing Painting, One Can Be Designed For Your !



"Turquoise Waters"

Oil On Canvas

3 X 4 Ft.


Note:  All images are Internationally copyrighted with the Library  of Congress.    All rights reserved.


                                   Welcome To The  "House of Barr"   The Artist's Private Studios, Scottsdale, Arizona


  Commission  A Refined Image  By A True Master, That Will Be Cherished For Generations.



Important:  Due to the limitations of this electronic medium and the highly refined, soft, and delicate nature of his paintings, visuals here may not exhibit their full colors, textures, softness  and details of the originals. Their physical depth will not be lost on your flat screen.